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prologue My name is James Marcelle and I have an enduring passion for film and photography. Being raised on the beautiful, tropical island paradise of St. Lucia which has the the most breathtaking scenery, wonderful folklore and Caribbean culture has inspired me to create art that compliments it. I aspire to make my films as amazing as the island I live on and places I visit, with photographs that capture its essence. My biggest priority with photography is to capture the feelings and emotions of the subject, or how that subject makes you feel. Whether that subject is your bride to be, your newborn, an adorable pet or prized property. testimonials
HRH prince edward "I thoroughly enjoyed your film James. Keep up the great work, you show a lot of potential! I look forward to seeing your work on the big screen one day, be sure to send me a ticket to the premiere!"

Royal Monarch of

The United Kingdom

myron yarde "James is extremely focused on his process as a photographer and this is demonstrated in his completed work product. I appreciate his punctuality, attention to detail and professionalism in communication and follow up. I highly recommend him for commercial photography, he knows his stuff."

Marketing Manager

davina lee "James Marcelle is a young filmmaker who has tremendous potential. When I first saw his work I was quite impressed as the quality surpassed the work of some video professionals who have been in the business for a while in Saint Lucia. Talent like this should be supported as much as possible because his successes will reflect positively on the entire Creative Industry landscape in Saint Lucia."


tobias furneaux "James has an amazing eye for capturing the moment, he is fantastic to work with and has great knowledge of his craft."


erron russell "Seeing James in action and having him mentor me has been great - he loves what he does and is amazing at it. I look forward to working with him more in the future!"

Database Engineer

edward powell "James your initial idea was very ambitious and I had my concerns about how you would achieve the vision you had. However you proved me wrong and created something that is visually powerful that you should be proud of. Your preproduction was used effectively in your shoot which is why you have produced a film to such a high quality! In summary you have produced a really strong visual piece that blends a range of shots, special effects and editing techniques well - be proud of this piece of work James."

Film Maker & Tutor

First award for Excellence in Film and Acting in the +125 year history of St. Mary's College.
First person to feature a film at 'Literary Night' an annual event that is attended by Sir Derek Walcott, a St. Lucian Nobel Laureate for Literature.
Invited and made a film for, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Attended by HRH Prince Edward, his wife Countess of Wessex, and the Governor General and Prime Minister of St. Lucia.
Second place contestant in a Pan-Caribbean film competition hosted by the USA Embassy in Barbados